Fri-Son, 10.09.2009
Doors 21h
25 CHF

One evening, three events
Three ways to play with feedback loops: Delay versus Duo | Gestes ephémères | CodeZed

Gestes Ephémères

Fri-Son, 10.09.2009
Doors 21h / Concert 22h
25 CHF


ZAK – Zbinden-Anyma-Klakla, with:

  • Christy Doran (guitars)
  • Gérald Zbinden (guitars)
  • Maïté Colin (videobass)
  • Michael Egger (videomix)
  • Woitek Klakla (painting)

Delay versus Duo

Fri-Son, 10.09.2009
Doors 21h / Show 22h
25 CHF

delay.jpgContemporary dance performers and explorers Franck Beaubois and Patricia Kuypers dance with their shadows, projected via time-delayed video feedback. A magical, fun and disconcerting show that will enchant audiences of all ages.


codeZed.jpgA video clip out of nowhere…

An interactive installation by [ a n y m a ]

with: DJ Dottter