Journeys With Tibetan Medicine

Cinéma Corso 2
Sunday 13 september
11h00, 15 CHF

A documentary by Martin Saxer

[ a n y m a | documentaries ] – 2004

Journeys with Tibetan Medicine” reveals the dramatic story of a family of Tibetan physicians from Buryatia (Siberia). The Badmayevs brought Tibetan medicine to the West: to St Petersburg, Poland, Switzerland and the USA. They were border-dwellers who ventured to translate an Eastern Science into occidental thought and culture. Their story contains a remarkable perspective on Tibetan medicine: namely, not as an ancient healing practice, but as a dynamic body of knowledge. As the Badmayevs made their way to the West, they encountered mystically inclined aristocrats, revolutionary lamas, party members with health problems, two Polish presidents and Swiss authorities. An odyssey which spans four generations on a journey through the turmoils of the 20th century.



MiniDV, 76min, VOdf


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