TRiCKSTR – Time Lapse

Building TRiCKSTR


Arsenal at Belluard
September 9 to 20 , 17 – 20h30
Free entry
Instruments vidéo

Video instruments

[ a n y m a ] has activities in a lot of different domains, from video art to social projects to development of open source hardware and software.

In this exhibition we will show you some of the works that were created in the last ten years.


Arsenal at Belluard
September 9 to 20 , 17 – 20h30
Free entry


An Installation by

  • Sibylle Hauert and Daniel Reichmuth, Basel.


  • Volker Böhm: Sound- and Image Generation Software, System Software
  • Daniel Bisig: Image Generation Software, Driver Software 3D Sensor Camera
  • Michael und Max Egger: Development 16 chanal DMX Light Box, USB to DMX Interface …


“The trickster is an alchemist, a magician, creating realities in the duality of time and illusion.”

A massive presence is established in the space by the pixel light wall, a gigantic illuminator finely articulated through many individual lamp modules. Moving image patterns captivate the eye: rhythmical, abstract ornamentation dissolves into chaotic disorder; cycles oscillate producing pulsating light waves; and, color in gradients of sepia gives the impression that the physical materiality of the illuminator itself changes.