diy kamikaze orchestra

September 19 20h30
15 CHF

Soldering performance

dialog4The goal of this perfomance is a new symbiosis of instrument construction and the usage of these instruments afterwards. In the first part of the performance each member of the group first builds up his electronic instrument – from scratch. Starting with a handful of very basic electronic components such as resistors, capacitors or integrated circuits, every performer solders his own instrument. These instruments are simple sound generators, rhythmic pulse generators, combinations of acoustic / mechanic and electronic parts in interaction and some other unusual circuits.
Based on his recent activities in the area of electronic and experimental music, Markus Haselbach teamed up with a few colleagues. All members of this group have very different professional backgrounds, none of them being a professional musician of electronics engineer. However, they all share the same passion and fascination for electronic music and the motivation to create and discover new, unheard electronic sounds and to combine them in an acoustic, musical or visual sense.
As soon as the first circuits come to life, approximately 10 minutes afer start, they can be heard immediately – as soon as the solder cools down so to say. Their raw sounds begin to interact and complete eachother in a prepared musical improvisation and they build up soundscapes, rhythmic textures and ambiences drenched with the pure sound of buzzing electrons.
The idea behind this performance is to show up the surprisingly simple basic concepts of electronic sound generation as a part of a concert. While musicians usually perform with higly complex musical instruments, it’s the goal of the perfomance to demonstrate that a creative, individual and sometimes subversive approach can actually lead to surprisingly sophisticated results. The respect and fear of complex and intransparent technology is supposed to give way to an approach of curious, active, fearless creativity and lead to unheard and individual sounds.