TRiCKSTR – Time Lapse

Delay Versus Duo

Danse et dispositif vidéo interactif

Contemporary dance performers and explorers Franck Beaubois and Patricia Kuypers dance with their shadows, projected via time-delayed video feedback. A magical, fun and disconcerting show that will enchant audiences of all ages.

Gestes Ephémères

ZAK – Zbinden-Anyma-Klakla, with:

  • Christy Doran (guitars)
  • Gérald Zbinden (guitars)
  • Maïté Colin (videobass)
  • Michael Egger (videomix)
  • Woitek Klakla (painting)

StreeTV: First day

Streetv2009 – Video

Live TV Show

19.09.09 – DIY-Night

Bernhard Wagner

Cosmic Gluntsch Performance

Francois Gendre

DIY Kamikaze Orchestra

Flo Kaufmann


Concert with

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