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The Anymix21 is a 12 channel analog video mixer based on the paradigm of classic audio mixing desks. I’ve been dreaming of this since we were on our Baltic Tour with Biblioteq Mdulair in 2017. Thanks to Corona I finally found enough time to seriously consider digging into the project and started actively developing and […]

Nice little project that has been keeping me busy for this last while: building a fake Super8 projector for a theatre play. For his piece “Quitter la terre” Joel Maillard wanted a Super8 projector – but this can be a bit fiddly and unreliable on stage, also light output of original Super8, is quite poor. […]

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Finally I managed to install the maxmsp sdk toolchain and get it to link against libusb again (it is always a real pain to find the right settings in xcode) so I could recompile some of my externals for Max/MSP: udmx the udmx project has recently moved to GitHub: https://github.com/mirdej/udmx you can check there for the source code. Here’s […]

Hofstadter’s Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hofstadter’s_law

Metunar has posted some nice videos of the last session with the Synkie at the Chrämerhus in Langenthal: http://www.metunar.ch/st/st2013_nov.html

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One of the most vexing problems when 3d printing is to get the first layers stick properly to the printing bed. How many times I get warped corners. How many times the printer starts pushing the whole piece around the table – especially when I’m not looking and realizing an hour too late that I […]

a take on ChaN’s wav audio player for the attiny85 – check out his website, really great stuff all over: http://elm-chan.org/   I built several versions for the new exhibition we did for the Centre Nature Pro-Natura Champ-Pittet – some play loops, other are triggered by light barriers and shock sensors just a simple loop […]

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    I’m currently finishing (hopefully) our new twisted-pair-(Cat5, ethernet cable)-based intercom/tally system for our tv projects: communication, data and video all over one network cable (more on this soon) – and I stumbled over several CAT5 cables in our bin that were either damaged or wired the wrong way or simply crossover cables that messed […]

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This is still work in progress (in the same way as the whole gnusb rewrite to make it compatible with the Arduio IDE) but I’d like to share the first impressions of my new Baby-Gnusbuino, a somewhat Arduino compatible thingie based on the ATTINY85. It has a self-etched USB connector and a boot loader based […]

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Trying to print PLA with the Solidoodle was a nightmare so I wanted to add a cooling fan to see if that helps anything to keep the plastic from flowing all over the place. so I downloaded and printed (from ABS) this nice fan duct: added a MOSFET and followed all the instructions here http://www.soliforum.com/post/2316/#p2316 […]