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News from the lab
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Wow, a new year’s resolution come true. (although an easy one.. 😉

I always wanted to publish more of our ongoing work, to release early and release often, and maybe also just link to interesting stuff we come around while turning circles. So why didn’t I do it? Well sure the main reason is probably pure lazyness, often coupled with some terrrible excitement about the stuff I’m doing in the moment – the wish to see results and finish the project without slowing down by sitting at a computer and writing about – I want do make, not talk!

And why not just publish on the main site www.anyma.ch or better directly in /research ? This question was one of the questions I asked myself all the time. We have already a website, and we’ve already chosen wordpress to run it – it’s basically a blog already, so why put up a new one? I’d better keep everything together? Well, we do so many different things at [ a n y m a ] from documentaries to media-art and video installations to our tv-workshops, and it already a big headache for me to keep that site in shape. So I too often refrain from posting there, in order not to flood it with meaningless stuff. Setting up a new blog avoids having to rethink the whole concept of our website – which is another project by it’s own, and I don’t want to tackle that one, so maybe the main reason for this blog is… layziness?

Here we go. With Max we’ve dug out an old project for a modular video synthesizer that we want to create and we have some days to work on. Let’s  to see if we’re able to put back our soldering irons some times and blog about the progress..

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