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libusb for MacOSX Lion (10.7)
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Until now, I’ve always used the handy packages over at http://www.ellert.se/PKGS/libusb-2009-09-10/ to install libusb on the mac. But the new MacMini comes with Lion, and surprise: the 10.6 installer does not work on 10.7.

But the nice guys over at ellert.se include the sources with a build script that not only compiles libusb but also generates an installer package. So after waiting some hours for the newest XCode to download from the App Store to my fresh Lion install, it was as easy as to type

./build.sh in the source directory (after adding a 10.7 option in the build script)

et voilĂ  a working installer for Lion. Thanks guys!

For your convenience, you can download libusb 2009-09-10 for Lion here:


2 Comments to “libusb for MacOSX Lion (10.7)”

  1. MacUser says:

    LibUSB version 0.1 or 1.0 ?

    The version from Ellert’s site is still based on 0.1.x

    At the LibUSB site there is version 1.0.x
    According to LibUSB site 0.1.x & 1.0.x are not compatible &
    Daniel Drake adopted the project in January 2008 and worked on a libusb-1.0 release, which adds several features that were missing from the 0.1 API. As of December 2008, libusb-1.0 is the stable and recommended version to use. Developers are encouraged to port their applications to the new API.

    So shouldn’t we start use 1.0.x & more important will this work for Twain-Sane ?

  2. Mike says:

    There’s a newer version available (and the old version you mentioned is gone). It might be better to direct people to the parent directory and tell them to look for the latest libusb directory e.g. libusb-2011-10-29/

    Or possibly better still – direct them to this page;

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