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The Anymix21 is a 12 channel analog video mixer based on the paradigm of classic audio mixing desks. I’ve been dreaming of this since we were on our Baltic Tour with Biblioteq Mdulair in 2017. Thanks to Corona I finally found enough time to seriously consider digging into the project and started actively developing and […]

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My vintage oscilloscope that I found fifteen years ago in a trash bin almost stole the show when we performed with the Synkie at Electron festival, Geneva, but it even stars in the latest ad for the Montreux Jazz Festival made by the nice guys from Horsform that are in the same building 😉 Funny […]

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Screen shot 2011-04-14 at 13.10.20

Found this interesting application note “Microstrip and Stripline Design” http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/tutorials/MT-094.pdf with a formula to calculate PCB traces to have a 75 Ohm impedance: For a given PCB laminate and copper weight, note that all parameters will be predetermined except for W, the width of the signal trace. Eq. 3 can then be used to design […]

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gamma correction circuit

Over at Muff Wigglers Video Synth Forum I stumbled over an Application Note with some interesting schematics, even though user daverj notes: That’s a pretty good app note, but be aware that it’s 17 years old and parts of it were pulled from even older app notes. There are lots of newer chips available since […]

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On the way home from Obsolence, Paris, Flo and I started to sketch the sk60-delay module. Ultimately I’d like an adjustable delay from 1 to around 16 frames – no way to do this strictly analog, other than using two tape machines, as we did at the Shift Festival or some sort of magnetic drum […]

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Version 2 of the scale-bias module has come out as a really nice image-thrasher… I’ve made some conceptual errors, but I really like the results: So what’s wrong with this? I decided to go for an inverting configuration for the amplifier to be able to have gain smaller than 1 (could be useful for modifying […]

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Screen shot 2010-10-07 at 20.37.24

Some months ago we decided that internally, synkie’s signals should reference 0V for black (white is still not really defined, is it? 0.7V? 1V?) – while a standard PAL video signal has 0V for the sync pulses and black is somewhere around 300mV. Having complete black at GND simplifies a lot of further signal processing. […]

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Fribourg – 10 september 2010 Flo Kaufmann plays the EMS Spectre, Michael Egger the Synkie. Some picures: and a short clip:

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40 years ago – before I was even born – a lot of guys in the united states already did a lot of experimental stuff with video, and people like Nam June Paik, Bill Etra, Bill Hearn, Dave Jones, among many others, all built their own electronic analog video instruments. While browsing the archives of […]

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Picture 1

A quick video of some shots I made while playing around with the Synkie at the “Makers-Forschungswoche” in 2010. The Synkie is still young, but you get an idea….

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Kleines Textchen welches ich für die Doku der SGMK Arbeitswoche in Romainmôtier geschrieben hab: Hintergrund / Warum geht es: Der Synkie ist eine Art “Video-Doepfer”. Ein modulares System um analog Video live zu bearbeiten. Er soll ein Videoinstrument werden, welches ermöglicht, auf ganz neue Arten mit dem Videosignal umzugehen, zu experimentieren , Video-Circuit-Bending zu betreiben… […]

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We worked a lot with Max and Flo on the Synkie modules at our research week in April, so much that we didn’t take time to blog about it. So here, finally a little roundup of what has happened. Download synkie-modules-20100410 Here’s a ZIP archive  witch Eagle and PDF files and of all modules developed […]