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Probablement l'interface usb-dmx le plus petit du monde

Homemade in Switzerland

More details

CHF 250.00 tax incl.


  • fits in your pocket
  • bus powered - no need for a wall-wart
  • can send DMX packets of arbitrary size from 1 to 512 channels. Only got 12 dimmers ? Don’t waste time sending 500 additional zeros 200 times a second…
  • command line tool
  • dedicated external for Max/MSP and PureData (8 bit resolution)
  • USB-MIDI device - send DMX from any MIDI application without any driver needed (7 bit resolution)
  • open source

Every unit is carefully assembled, soldered and tested manually. It comes with the bootloader and current firmware installed. Any other software (command line client, external object for Max/MSP - MacOS X only for the moment) needs to be downloaded from our web site. We provide a 30 days money back guarantee (not including shipping costs and taxes) and a 1 year limited warranty on defective hardware.