Controlling the uDMX from a Webserver

12 décembre 2006 | Research
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Using the uDMX commandline interface and PHP it is fairly easy to build a system to control your lights from a ordinary web browser. In this post I show you how to put a slider on a web page that controls the first channel of your DMX light dimmer. This is not a very useful application, but throw in some more Ajax and a database of your choice, et voilà: A web based lighting desk…


1. Compile the command line interface

Compile the uDMX command line tool for your operating system

cd UDMX_SOURCE/commandline/

Move the command line tool to a directory thats accessible by PHP (for example into your web directory, something like /var/www/ on LINUX or /Library/WebServer/Documents/ on MacOSX) and make sure it is executable

mv uDMX /var/www/uDMX
sudo chmod a+x /var/www/uDMX

2. The php script

Next we’ll write a php script that takes some arguments and calls the udmx command line tool

file udmx.php:

	if (isset($_GET['start_channel'])) {
		// get the arguments to our script and make sure we get only
		// numbers, to prevent arbitrary code execution
		$cmd = preg_replace('/\D/i','',$_GET['start_channel']).' ';
		$cmd .= implode(preg_replace('/\D/i','',$_GET['value']),' ');

		//run the command line tool with our arguments
		exec('./uDMX '. $cmd);

3. The HTML file

include the scriptaculous and protpotype libraries in the header of your html and put this slider on your page:

<div id="slider" style="position:relative;width:255px;
						height:20px;border:1px solid black">
	<div id="handle" style="position:relative;width:18px;
						height:18px;border:1px solid black">
<div id='response'></div>

 <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
var slider = new Control.Slider('handle','slider',{
		axis:	'horizontal',
		sliderValue : 	.0,
		onChange	:	function(v){
			v = parseInt(v*255);
			new Ajax.Updater('response','udmx.php?start_channel=0&value[]='+v)


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  2. …heyaa there,
    found you on the way seeking around to control my LEDs by PC *overtheweb*. great work, swiss made as well!! ;-) will have an eye on you…!

    Commentaire par hoewe — 2007-09-11 @ 11.40 am

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