uDMX 1.2 released

7 janvier 2007 | Research
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Probably the smallest USB-DMX Interface in the worldThe uDMX is built around an inexpensive Atmel Atmega8 Microprocessor, using only very few external parts, thanks to the excellent firmware-only USB driver from obdev.at.We managed to cram it all into a Neutrik XLR Connector.This is the version 1.2 documentation.See the uDMX Homepage for the whole story and updates…


New in version 1.2

If you don’t want to build your own uDMX, you can purchase fully assembled units from us.

Todos, Limitations


udmx_1_2.tar.gz (315kB) includes the original Eagle-Light files for schematics and board layout, the firmware and bootloader, and a handy external for MAX/MSP (Mac only, for the moment. We’d love to get some help from someone with a Windows box out there…)


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  1. Hello,

    I’m happy an Intel Max External exists here. I will build a patch in order your interface to be used with LightRegie120ub, the Universal Binary version of LR120x. I think I will purchase a uDMX soon.


    Commentaire par Philippe Montemont — 2007-10-31 @ 11.09 pm

  2. This interface could be capable of snooping the bus too, by connecting pin 1 (RO) on the 75176 to pin 30 (RXD) on the ATMEGA8A and pin2/3 of the 75176 to another of the currently unused PD pins.

    Commentaire par Julian — 2008-12-04 @ 12.13 pm

  3. I built the uDMX interface but I am not able to use it with DMX Control. There is no site which explains how to use it or configure it with the software. Could you please help me.


    Commentaire par Charlie Brown — 2009-04-09 @ 8.10 pm

  4. Hi, I’m trying to use this device in my own software but I can’t find any documentation on how to control this device. Any leads on where to start?

    Commentaire par Desmond — 2014-10-16 @ 11.45 am

  5. Hi Desmond

    have a look at the source code here: https://code.google.com/p/udmx/
    the udmx commandline tool is a good start: https://code.google.com/p/udmx/source/browse/trunk/commandline/uDMX.c

    hope this helps

    Commentaire par Michael — 2014-10-16 @ 12.45 pm

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