uDMX - MIDI Interface 1.0

21 janvier 2007 | Research
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“uDMX - MIDI Interface” is a stand alone Application for Mac OS X. It provides a virtual MIDI-Port to communicate with the uDMX USB DMX Interface from any MIDI capable software like Cubase or Logic, as an alternative for using Max/MSP to directly control the uDMX. It can respond either to MIDI note or control change events and scales the MIDI resolution (0-127) to DMX (0-255).

You can download it here: Download “uDMX - MIDI Interface” (.dmg, 6.6 MB)


(I will need to redo the artwork sometime … ;-)


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  1. Cool…

    Faudrait mélanger avec ça -> http://mike.verdone.ca/wiitomidi/ ça pourrai être sympa.

    Commentaire par gagarine — 2007-01-30 @ 5.04 pm

  2. […] the uDMX from MIDI uDMX 1.2 released !! Buy a fully assembled uDMX Stay informed: Subscribe to the uDMX mailing list Article: Control uDMXfrom a web browser […]

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  3. […] So when artificialeyes demoed the VMS system for Peter and I at ByteMeFest in Perth last year, I was struck by how simple this step into the lighting world could be. Todd and Michael were using off-the-shelf VMS projection units and controlling them with a clever little open source USB DMX controller called the uDMX, which includes software to translate midi messages into DMX. […]

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  4. why only macos? no windows implementation planned soon?

    Commentaire par Leon Trimble — 2008-03-18 @ 11.01 pm

  5. Hi there
    Could you use the aka remote and iphone with your system?

    Commentaire par MediUm — 2008-03-25 @ 12.11 pm

  6. @Leon Trimble:
    Unfortunately I don’t have a Windows box with MaxMSP installed, so I can’t do it myself. But it’s a rather simple Max patch compiled as a standalone application. Maybe someone could download the source from here: http://www.anyma.ch/software/midi2udmx2007-02-02.txt and build it on Windows?

    not midi2dmx, but you could just use the max/msp external from the main udm page: http://www.anyma.ch/research/udmx/ and interface it to aka.remote however you please.
    as for the iphone, I’ve never seen one in real live yet ;-) , don’t know if there’s means to communicate with max/msp - but I think someone will sure figure this out…
    anything that can talk to max/msp (or puredata) can talk to the uDMX…

    Commentaire par Michael Egger — 2008-03-25 @ 12.59 pm

  7. […] The Anyma guys have managed to fit all of the DMX control circuitry inside a regular XLR jack. This makes the uDMX about as compact as it’s possible for a DMX controller to be. As DMX uses regular 3- or 5-pin XLR jacks for cabling, you can literally grab the uDMX, some spare mic cable, an adapter or two, and then get your DMX on straight away! The uDMX-Midi Interface Software (Mac) is extremely simple, monitoring a MIDI input source and converting (scaling from 0-255 to 0-127) either Note-on or CC messages into DMX messages. These are sent through the uDMX on the same DMX channel as the MIDI message controller or note number. It also has the ability to offset messages, which gives a simple method of scanning around DMX channels to find out where lights and other gear are located without following cables or looking at jumpers. Anyma have also released a Max/MSP external (Mac, Linux and Windows), PD external, and a command line utility (Windows, Mac and Linux). I haven’t tried the uDMX yet with Windows, but as mentioned in the iCue article, getting it working on Mac is an extremely simple affair. For Windows there is a plugin for the freeware lighting control software DMXControl, which has MIDI in, so that could be a solution which doesn’t require custom coding or paid 3rd party software. […]

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  8. I build the uDMX (slightly modified) and it works (at least the USB-part).
    I see it in System Profiler and the LED on PortC.4 lights up.
    But in midi2udmx.app, next to “Connection” I don’t see a green light. And I don’t get any action on the DMX-side neiter. MIDI-input is recognized
    Any idea what could be wrong? 2×2GHz PPC G5 running OSX 10.5.6, no other Audio-Software/MIDI-drivers installed besides the system-stuff.


    Commentaire par Stefan — 2009-03-23 @ 5.52 am

  9. 1.) Does midi2udmx give any error messages? (type cmd-M or go to the “Window”->”Status” menu to see error messages…)

    2.) midi2udmx needs libusb to run. did you install the correct version of libusb? you can find installers for your system here:

    Commentaire par Michael Egger — 2009-03-23 @ 9.24 am

  10. OK, the LibUSB was the problem! The one linked on the project-page was too outdated to install, so I thought I wouldn’t need it…

    The light next to “Connection” still doesn’t turn green though! When I connect, it gets blue…

    Some additional documentation would be nice, since not everybody is an expert on MIDI.

    Also the commandline tool doesn’t work. Says: “usb_os_open(USBDeviceOpenSeize): another process has device opened for exclusive access”. No other application is running atm.

    Commentaire par Stefan — 2009-03-23 @ 1.27 pm

  11. Hi! Maybe im getting something wrong here but, is there a way to patch more than one midi channel to dmx? I mean i would love to patch many CC channels to particular dmx channels. I know that this is surely possible whit max but max isn’t cheap and i dont have any expierience whit it. What i would like to do is control dmx via Quartz Composer. The udmx and Midi2udmx tools seemed like the ideal solutions but when i cant patch paricular channels it would be useless.
    I hope you have a simple solution for it.
    Keep up the excelent work! People like you make the world turn :)

    Commentaire par Ditmar — 2009-03-31 @ 7.14 pm

  12. Hi!
    I have instaleld the latest libusb and hooked everything up (both directly and via midipipe), to midi2udmx. I get midi input (yellow lights), but only blue light on the “connection”.
    Here´s the error messages from the Status window. Can anyone help me? I get no DMX output to the dimmer, that´s the problem.

    • error: patcher: missing arguments for message “close”
    • error: ˇøa+‡è@4I: loading old CFM externals disabled
    uDMX version 0.9 - (c) 2006 [ a n y m a ]
    • error: maxtoolbox.pat: no such file in collective

    Commentaire par pka — 2009-04-15 @ 11.21 am

  13. …still can´t get uDMX to work, controlled directly from VDMX. Updated LibUSB, updated Midi2usb, updated OSX 10.5, get signal in to Midi2USB, only the “input” and “channel” light comes on, synced to my controller messages from VDMX. No light next to “Listen to: Controller”.

    What can I be doing wrong?

    Commentaire par pka — 2009-05-06 @ 3.19 pm

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