Videobass in New York – october 2011

We will present the brand new Videobass at some universities in New York this fall.

It will also be possible to see the instrument in action, played by Angie Eng at the New York Electronic Festival on october 9th followed by an artist talk on october 10th.

The Videobass

The Videobass is an open source instrument that plays moving images instead of sound, invented by Michael Egger.
It won the “Werkbeiträge Digitale Kultur” award of the Migros Kulturprozent – and recently, two renown video artists, Angie Eng and Cécile Lacombe, have commissioned their own instruments. This was a great occasion to review a lot of things and a a result, the videobass version 2011 was born.

For more info about the videobass, visit:
Building the videobass: The Movie



Here’s a link to the presentations we’ll give:

With the support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council.