Phonorescence @ White Pulse Madness #2, Zitrone, Zürich

4 avril 2019 | Info

World premiere of PHONORESCENCE - The Sound of Synkie. Audio to video to audio to video and back. All Analog.
Michael Egger creates symbiotic audiovisual noise on the Synkie open source analog modular image processor. (see full program below)


White Pulse Madness

20. April: consumer – worker @ ZITRONE, Badenerstrasse 849
- 8:00 PM

Next up on april 20th is madness #2. A celebration of the consumer-worker, hypercapitslism and the „gesamtkunstwerk“. Expect many different things but no boredom. We‘ll have a classical string quartet, an analogue video feedback synthesizer, an aleatoric DJ, white pulse playing a genuinely digital performance and some neue musik for solo acoustic harp. All intertwined with each other in one flow. wonder how this will work? join the madness on april 20th at Zitrone.

doors 20:00,
bam! 21:00.

Badenerstrasse 849
Bus 31: Micafil.




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