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Synkie specs
Categories: Synkie

Main modules:

Supply module

  • 30W
  • 240v/120V switchable
  • Analog supply symmetric +5/-5V, 2A
  • Digital supply 5V, 2A
  • short circuit protected


  • Built around the LM1881, separates
  • Analog-Inputs: Video in (composite)
  • Analog Outputs: Sync Signal, Image Signal
  • Digital Outputs: All lm1881 signals

Generates two video signals: Sync Signal where all image is replaced by black level. Image Signal: all sync pulses replaced by black level.


Combines the “dirty” image again with the original sync signal.


  1. sync signal (black picture)
  2. color carrier
  3. spare
  4. spare
  5. +5V analog
  6. -5V analog
  7. analog gnd
  8. digital gnd
  9. +5V digital
  10. composite-sync
  11. vertical sync
  12. burst/back porch
  13. odd/even
  14. spare
  15. spare
  16. spare


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