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Powersupply pics
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I should have done other things today, but the parts for the synkie power supply I’ve ordered yesterday arrived this morning, and the other day I found some aluminum sheets to cut out the front panels at a garbage sale. I couldn’t help but had to build it immediately. It was pretty painless, although we we broke the heating element of the etching bath last weekend and I had to heat it with a lamp… but all parts are fitting, and it worked on the first try. Some pics:

On the original design we prepared a third voltage regulator for the digital supply. I did not assemble this part for the moment but put in the 0 ohm resistor R1, so VCC is tied to the positive analog supply.

When I soldered the front supply outlets I accidentally swapped GND and -5V. The resettable fuse triggered immediately – and everything came back to normal when I discovered and corrected the error. So yes – it is short circuit protected!

The new bus

On the bottom of the case there is now one long stripboard that serves as a large bus, divided into different sections. Every module pulls up only the signals it is interested in.  At the moment there are four lanes used for power and four lanes for sync signals, so there’s plenty of room for extension. We could put in a Doepfer-bus for mixing in Doepfer A100 modules for example…

I also took the sync (genlock) signal away from the bus and put it on cinch plugs on the front instead.

modules sk00, sk01 and sk02 – and plenty of room for the modules to come…

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