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Scott reminded me yesterday that I’ve never published the sources of my vMix USB mixing desk. I’ve always wanted to, but I was reluctant because, you know… it was still not finished, not perfect, not well documented, code is a mess… I’ve been using it in all our performances since 2007, and I still love […]

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Before I start building the first real-size video bass I wanted to test some design ideas i had as well as woodworking techniques with some new tools (a new bandsaw and a Fein Multimaster – really good tools!!), so i decided to go for a baby-sized version of the neck first. On the last videobass […]

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I’ll be building two videobasses this year – a red one and a green one – for renown video artists Angie Eng and Cécile Lacombe. I’ll try to document the process a bit better than last time… So here we go. The bass will be again constructed from plywood and plexi, but i might go […]

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Over at Muff Wigglers Video Synth Forum I stumbled over an Application Note with some interesting schematics, even though user daverj notes: That’s a pretty good app note, but be aware that it’s 17 years old and parts of it were pulled from even older app notes. There are lots of newer chips available since […]