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Assembling the neck and the body
Categories: Videobass

Putting together the videobass neck and its body is not an easy task. The cutouts have to be quite precise and there are odd angles everywhere.

The prototype body was too thin, about 35mm, and I cut out almost the whole depth of the neck, so the rest of the body was not really stable. Also, I used only one dowel at the bottom of the neck, which left the assembly quite vulnerable to torsion.

The final body is about 45mm high. This time I made a cutout of 25mm in the body, and routed the resting part freehand out of the neck. Four dowels make a really sturdy connection between the two. This way, the cutout does not absolutely need to be a tight fit, and I could accentuate the gap instead of having some imperfections anyway…

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