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This weekend, while Pije started to work on our home made CNC machine (more on this later…) I quickly built a poor mans jib crane out of some scrap metal, wood and bearings I had lying around. Here’s a small video by Mohammed of the almost finished crane. It’s amazingly stable and smooth. I might […]

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How a gnusb can make another one. Upload the following firmware into the gnusb: gnusbAsp_AVR-Programmer.2008-05-22 gnubl make flash This turns the gnusb into a full fledged AVR programmer that can be used to reprogram any ATMEL AVR microcontroller through avrdude. The above firmware makes the gnusb behave like it’s a USBasp from fischl.de – in […]

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Until now, I’ve always used the handy packages over at http://www.ellert.se/PKGS/libusb-2009-09-10/ to install libusb on the mac. But the new MacMini comes with Lion, and surprise: the 10.6 installer does not work on 10.7. But the nice guys over at ellert.se include the sources with a build script that not only compiles libusb but also […]