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Nice little project that has been keeping me busy for this last while: building a fake Super8 projector for a theatre play. For his piece “Quitter la terre” Joel Maillard wanted a Super8 projector – but this can be a bit fiddly and unreliable on stage, also light output of original Super8, is quite poor. […]

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One of the most vexing problems when 3d printing is to get the first layers stick properly to the printing bed. How many times I get warped corners. How many times the printer starts pushing the whole piece around the table – especially when I’m not looking and realizing an hour too late that I […]

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Trying to print PLA with the Solidoodle was a nightmare so I wanted to add a cooling fan to see if that helps anything to keep the plastic from flowing all over the place. so I downloaded and printed (from ABS) this nice fan duct: added a MOSFET and followed all the instructions here http://www.soliforum.com/post/2316/#p2316 […]