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    I’m currently finishing (hopefully) our new twisted-pair-(Cat5, ethernet cable)-based intercom/tally system for our tv projects: communication, data and video all over one network cable (more on this soon) – and I stumbled over several CAT5 cables in our bin that were either damaged or wired the wrong way or simply crossover cables that messed […]

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This is still work in progress (in the same way as the whole gnusb rewrite to make it compatible with the Arduio IDE) but I’d like to share the first impressions of my new Baby-Gnusbuino, a somewhat Arduino compatible thingie based on the ATTINY85. It has a self-etched USB connector and a boot loader based […]

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It’s been a long time I wished to document the building of the control voltage footpedals I use together with the gnusb and the videobass. The basic idea was to build an expression pedal that outputs a voltage according to it’s angular position. I wanted it  to stay in position when not used, so there […]

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How a gnusb can make another one. Upload the following firmware into the gnusb: gnusbAsp_AVR-Programmer.2008-05-22 gnubl make flash This turns the gnusb into a full fledged AVR programmer that can be used to reprogram any ATMEL AVR microcontroller through avrdude. The above firmware makes the gnusb behave like it’s a USBasp from fischl.de – in […]