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Screen shot 2012-02-05 at 16.01.35

It’s been a long time I wished to document the building of the control voltage footpedals I use together with the gnusb and the videobass. The basic idea was to build an expression pedal that outputs a voltage according to it’s angular position. I wanted it ┬áto stay in position when not used, so there […]

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Thank’s a lot to Mohammed, who, with great patience, filmed the whole process of building the latest Videobass. Many many hours of sanding have been edited out of this video. Check it out:

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Screen shot 2011-06-07 at 00.03.01

I finally managed to get video from the videobass directly into Modul8., thanks to the Syphon Framework which allows applications to share textures on the graphics card. Last summer I had hacked together a quick try to stream into Angie’s VDMX through a Quartz Composer patch and it went quite easily, but Modul8 is a […]

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Screen shot 2011-05-04 at 5.02.30 PM

Normally I was supposed to bring two of the videbasses to Paris this weekend – but I had to postpone it. Still not completely finished and to make things worse, I destroyed two of the screens by drilling through the led backlight cables. Stupid impatient me… So, while waiting for the replacement cables shipped by […]

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The process is not photogenic, even Mohammed stopped filming after 2 minutes… Sanding with 60, 80, 120, 180, 220, 320,… until everything is smooth… red oil applied… and a little bit of sanding later:

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Putting together the videobass neck and its body is not an easy task. The cutouts have to be quite precise and there are odd angles everywhere. The prototype body was too thin, about 35mm, and I cut out almost the whole depth of the neck, so the rest of the body was not really stable. […]

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Screen shot 2011-04-14 at 10.26.05

For the last two days I’ve been building the flight cases for the 3 videobass and 3 “amplifiers” with my father who helped a lot. We were so busy that I completely forgot to take pictures of the process. But the result is very nice: I really like the fact that we managed to have […]

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Over the past few weeks – besides building the videobass prototype and starting to produce in series the parts that are clear – work has begun on the videobass “amplifier”. Unlike the videobass, where I only have to perfect things I didn’t like in the last version, this is a thing I build from scratch. […]

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A jig to file one side of a 6mm brass rod for the nut.

Tomorrow I’ll stop working on the bass for a moment and we’ll tackle the flight case for the videobass amplifier…

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The headstock coming out of its corsett. A lot of cutting and filing waiting for me...

And here’s a picture of the three sisters: The original Videobass from 2003, the revision of 2007 and a still unfinished prototype of the 2011 series:

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I found these really ugly Samsung screens

Today I finished the first screen that will go into the videobass “amplifier”. It will be like a music stand, with the computer in a case on its bottom that will also serve as its base…