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Hofstadter’s Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hofstadter’s_law

Metunar has posted some nice videos of the last session with the Synkie at the Chrämerhus in Langenthal: http://www.metunar.ch/st/st2013_nov.html

a take on ChaN’s wav audio player for the attiny85 – check out his website, really great stuff all over: http://elm-chan.org/   I built several versions for the new exhibition we did for the Centre Nature Pro-Natura Champ-Pittet – some play loops, other are triggered by light barriers and shock sensors just a simple loop […]


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Until now, I’ve always used the handy packages over at http://www.ellert.se/PKGS/libusb-2009-09-10/ to install libusb on the mac. But the new MacMini comes with Lion, and surprise: the 10.6 installer does not work on 10.7. But the nice guys over at ellert.se include the sources with a build script that not only compiles libusb but also […]

Flo building a moog, Pije a SysEx controller for his Roland Juno 1, Claude his homebrew synth, me the Synkie step sequencer and Max a new version of the fingerpinger external… A good day.

Monday morning François arrived with a lot of cables and some gunpowder. He wants to ignite small explosions from his computer via MIDI and make a sort of a pyro-organ. We tried to find ways to construct reusable electrical igniters. First idea was to use sparks, and the whole day he tried different means to […]

Sunday was not officially part of our research week, but Max was already here and we started working… I did some finishing touches on the videobass amplifier and repaired the second one – a dead Atmega16. I found that I can easily isolate the chip from the rest of the components by sticking some aluminum […]

Scott reminded me yesterday that I’ve never published the sources of my vMix USB mixing desk. I’ve always wanted to, but I was reluctant because, you know… it was still not finished, not perfect, not well documented, code is a mess… I’ve been using it in all our performances since 2007, and I still love […]

Wow, a new year’s resolution come true. (although an easy one.. 😉 I always wanted to publish more of our ongoing work, to release early and release often, and maybe also just link to interesting stuff we come around while turning circles. So why didn’t I do it? Well sure the main reason is probably […]