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The Anymix21 is a 12 channel analog video mixer based on the paradigm of classic audio mixing desks. I’ve been dreaming of this since we were on our Baltic Tour with Biblioteq Mdulair in 2017. Thanks to Corona I finally found enough time to seriously consider digging into the project and started actively developing and […]

Nice little project that has been keeping me busy for this last while: building a fake Super8 projector for a theatre play. For his piece “Quitter la terre” Joel Maillard wanted a Super8 projector – but this can be a bit fiddly and unreliable on stage, also light output of original Super8, is quite poor. […]

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Update: ATTENTION The cable pairs in CAT6 cable are not wired this way !!!! This circuit works for small distances but on longer runs channel 2 talks into channel 3 and vice versa. Didn’t redo my boards, did just cut and rewire wrong traces. Cable pairs are (1,2) / (3,6) / (4,5) / (7,8) This […]

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Thank’s a lot to Mohammed, who, with great patience, filmed the whole process of building the latest Videobass. Many many hours of sanding have been edited out of this video. Check it out:

I was thinking about this one since doing this exhibition for the ethnographic museum in Zurich: Why not just rip out the colorwheel of a DLP projector to make it black and white? Should be easy and should work, no? It works, and I could stab myself 100times – why didn’t I have the courage […]

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Here we go: For the pan/tilt head I welded together two L-shapes, and connected them with bicycle gear wires to a slightly modified Manfrotto fluid tripod head (501). The best of both worlds: fluid movement, direct control but 2 meters away…   Sketchup-Model of the crane: crane.skp

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This weekend, while Pije started to work on our home made CNC machine (more on this later…) I quickly built a poor mans jib crane out of some scrap metal, wood and bearings I had lying around. Here’s a small video by Mohammed of the almost finished crane. It’s amazingly stable and smooth. I might […]

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My vintage oscilloscope that I found fifteen years ago in a trash bin almost stole the show when we performed with the Synkie at Electron festival, Geneva, but it even stars in the latest ad for the Montreux Jazz Festival made by the nice guys from Horsform that are in the same building 😉 Funny […]

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Found this interesting application note “Microstrip and Stripline Design” http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/tutorials/MT-094.pdf with a formula to calculate PCB traces to have a 75 Ohm impedance: For a given PCB laminate and copper weight, note that all parameters will be predetermined except for W, the width of the signal trace. Eq. 3 can then be used to design […]