All software is licensed under GNU General Public license.

Sketchup Plugins

  • Send To Bertha export DXF to our server for laser cutting (not really useful outside of [ a n y m a ]
  • Fingers create finger joints in three clicks
  • Lay Down Flatten components out on ground plane for laser cutting

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  • DomContextMenu – This javascript context menu lets you attach menu items and handlers directly to the html


  • uDMX – Probably the smallest USB-DMX interface in the world. Please see the udmx page for up to date information and downloads

Max Externals

  • home get max path to current user’s home directory
  • powerful alternative to the hi object
  • fingerpinger – multitouch on Macbook trackpad
  • aalert (48K) – mac like dialog box (64bit)
  • qttimecode (32K) – extracts time code information from Quick Time Movie (version 0.42)
  • uDMX – communicate with our open source usb-dmx interface.

Video Editing

  • Live Cut – Multi Camera Editing for Final Cut Pro 4.5

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