Illuminated Buttons revisited

Since my first guide “How to make illuminated buttons” I’ve built quite some controllers with illuminated buttons and I found some improvements I want to share today. The original technique had some downfalls. First of all, the latex from the gloves wears quite quickly, it’s not really reliable for everyday use. It also only holds to the casing and it can come loose if someone presses the buttons too strong. Another problem when building it is to find the correct placing of the holes and the keeping the rubber buttons at the correct distance.
My actual technique addresses these two concerns by:

  1. Using white balloons instead of latex gloves. They are much more durable, but you’ll need brighter leds as they are more opaque.
  2. Putting the balloons into a sandwich between a piece of wood and the casing

Here’s some pictures:
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Schamanen der nördlichen Magar

Die Ausstellung “Schamanen der nördlichen Magar - eine Ethnographie in Bildern” im Völkerkundemuseum der Universität Zürich - für welche wir das Projektionssystem entwickelt haben - ist geöffnet vom 4. November 2007 bis zum 16. März 2008.

Die Ausstellung ist der bis auf den heutigen Tag gebräuchlichen schamanischen Praxis der nördlichen Magar in einem abgelegenen Dorf im nepalesischen Himalaya gewidmet. Sie zeigt Photographien, die im Rahmen einer vom Ethnologen Michael Oppitz am Fusse des Dhaulagiri-Massivs durchgeführten mehrjährigen Feldforschung zwischen 1977 und 1984 aufgenommen wurden. Die Bilder führen uns mitten in die alltägliche Welt der nördlichen Magar, lassen uns am Leben und Wirken der Schamanen teilnehmen, zeigen ihre heiligen Handlungen, aber auch das Umfeld ihrer Rituale, die beteiligten Familien, die Architektur und die bedeutungsgeladene Landschaft.

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AVR-Toolchain Installer Package for MacOSX

As outlined in the article Programming ATMEL microprocessors on a Mac, installing the AVR toolchain on the Mac can be a long and tedious procedure. Downloading, compiling and installing all the stuff can take up to 6 hours!

For a workshop I gave recently we tried to simply copy over all the binaries in /usr/local/avr/ and it worked.
Now I wrapped the whole thing into a nice installer package, see below.

Installation time: < 5min.
And the best part: you don't even need the Apple Developer Tools anymore (1.85 Gig !)
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Homemade-Grundlagenforschungs-Camp #1

Ich freu mich, zu der ersten Homemade Forschungswoche einzuladen:

Ort: [ a n y m a ] ,
Fonderie 8c, 1700 Fribourg
Datum: 25. Mai 2007 - 2. Juni 2007
(Pfingsten + die Woche darauf)

Keine Workshops für Anfänger, sondern freie Austausch- und Experimentierplatformen für “erfahrene” Homemader.
Ein internationaler Fach-Kongress der Elite der Do-It-Yourself Szene, sozusagen … ;-)

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uDMX - the first series of PCBs is here

We received today the first batch of 27 boards for the uDMX 1.1
I will soon begin production…

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uDMX - version 0.9 released

We just finished our first prototype of the uDMX - it seems to work…!
This is a preliminary version of the documentation - work in progress..

See the uDMX Homepage for updates
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Programming ATMEL microprocessors on a Mac

detail de circuit
How we finally managed to get the AVR toolchain working on the Macintosh…
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Make your own illuminated buttons

Have you ever touched those gummy buttons on an old Sony Betacam recorder? Ever admired this warm glow beneath the play-button? Ever wanted to add some of these to your own do-it-yourself projects, only to find you can’t buy them nowhere?

well here’s a cheap and easy way I found to make them on my own…

UPDATE: You can find a better technique here:

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An intuitive interactive documentary movie editing machine based on principles of molecular biology and evolution theory

docReactor is a research/art project currently under development. It will be published as open source and will be displayed first as docReactor1.0://intuiton at the festival “Science et Cité” at Fribourg, Switzerland, may 20-24 2005

docReactor1.0://intuiton will be an experimental documentary, edited entirely by the visitors, on the place of intuition in science and arts

see the project description for more details (currently in french, only)

VideoBass - an instrument for visual live-performances

The VideoBass is an unique hardware/software-combination for controlling live-visuals. Shaped like a electric bass-guitar, it relies on the guitar-paradigm where, basically speaking, the left hand chooses between a wide variety of possible notes, and the right hand triggers them.

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TactBall, a multipurpose percussive 3D MIDI-Controller

The TactBall is a Human-Computer-Interface designed to control live performances (music / video / light /…).

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Invention et fabrication de la première videobasse - un instrument pour jouer des images…
“The VideoBass is an unique hardware/software-combination for controlling live-visuals. Shaped like a electric bass-guitar, it relies on the guitar-paradigm where, basically speaking, the left hand chooses between a wide variety of possible notes, and the right hand triggers them.”

La création de cet instrument s’inscrit dans une longue recherche, [ >>> ]

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