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I should have done other things today, but the parts for the synkie power supply I’ve ordered yesterday arrived this morning, and the other day I found some aluminum sheets to cut out the front panels at a garbage sale. I couldn’t help but had to build it immediately. It was pretty painless, although we […]

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sk00 power supply Here’s the schematics and the board for the power supply. I have not built it, yet, so I have no idea if it works as intended. Originally, we wanted to supply up to 2 Amps per channel, but when I started to order the parts, I found out that the LM78xx series […]

synkie modules 01+02

The first 2 modules seem to work quite well now. It helped to put 75Ohm resistors in parallel at the outputs of the MAX457 op-amp, to stop it from oscillating. Maybe we should also put a resistor in series as Max has seen on the datasheet? 😉 Anyway, the picture quality seems better that expected […]

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Video signal is a bitch. You cannot just fool around with it like with sound: Besides the much higher bandwidth (~5MHz) which makes designing video circuits much more demanding, the main problem is that video signal contains not only the actual picture, but also synchronization signals. You touch the picture and the sync goes away, […]

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Image 1
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Here’s the eagle files for the first three synkie-modules: Power supply, sync-separator and resyncer. synkie20100102 We’re just soldering them right now, no idea if they work like this… More as it develops

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Main modules: Supply module 30W 240v/120V switchable Analog supply symmetric +5/-5V, 2A Digital supply 5V, 2A short circuit protected Sync-Stripper Built around the LM1881, separates Analog-Inputs: Video in (composite) Analog Outputs: Sync Signal, Image Signal Digital Outputs: All lm1881 signals Generates two video signals: Sync Signal where all image is replaced by black level. Image […]