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uDMX is under version control
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A finished uDMX just before it goes into the XLR connector:

uDMX source code and schematics are now hosted on GoogleCode

I’ve just submitted the newest version of the uDMX to its brand new SVN repository on code.google.com.


  • double sided really small PCB that fits into a Neutrik XLR connector
  • new bootloader based on the USBaspLoader by Objective Developement
  • most recent firmware version with support for serial numbers
  • source code of the current external for MaxMSP

You can check out the latest version via SVN (see: https://code.google.com/p/udmx/source/checkout) or you can browse the source at the same address.

If you want to get involved in the uDMX project you can send me a note and I’ll add you as a member (see How To Join A Project)

3 Comments to “uDMX is under version control”

  1. David says:


    I habe build one of your genious uDMX by myself. It works without any Porblems under WinXP. Now I changeg my Distri tu Ubuntu 9.10 and can not figure out what I have to compile when I am gonne to Play with QLC. Of course I know the Page of http://lutz.in.hagen.de/cms/index.php/projekte/udmx-mod/udmx-links/menu-id-42.html course I used the DIL and not SMD Version.

    But please let me know the following steps:
    1. where can I find the little Prog to test uDMX via Terminal?
    2. Did I have to compile anything with libusb or something to work with terminal?
    3. I checked out the latest SVN but where are the makefiles except for firmware and bootloader (the one I need for linux)?
    4. When I resolved Point 1-3 what have I to compile to use it with QLC? (I can allready see a uDMX device in QLC with the name “unknown” when i plug it off it changes to “none” is that allready everything I need?)

    It would be great if you could extend this page with some answers to my questions for following users.

    Thanks a lot and keep on going with such nice projects!

    Greatings David

  2. Alex says:

    i was trying to build udmx several times and i keep running into the same weird problem with even different versions of firmware, what happens is that i try to send a command , using the cmd line tool , and it goes out ok but at the end of the packet udmx just starts to loop pulsing the output line instead of going into break
    and that makes my lights just seize up and jitter in one place
    what could i be doing wrong ?

  3. Juan Carlos says:

    I would really appreciated a list of the all parts, and its possible links where I can buy.
    Thanks for this amazing project.
    juan carlos

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