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Videobass2011 – material testing
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I’ll be building two videobasses this year – a red one and a green one – for renown video artists Angie Eng and Cécile Lacombe.

I’ll try to document the process a bit better than last time… So here we go.

The bass will be again constructed from plywood and plexi, but i might go for a see-through design for the body. To be able to achieve round corners on the back of the instrument, I’d have to glue the glass directly on the wood. A first test with Forbo contact glue seems quite promising:

But plywood and plexi don’t have the same thermal properties and I’m not sure if the glue will hold – or if the plexi cracks – when there are changes in temperature. Let’s put this to the test.

I built the green round head, and after a night in freezing weather outside, I put it in the oven at 40° C for around 30 minutes….

In the oven

In the oven (close up)

Looks quite good. No cracks, back glass still holds…

Now it is going into the freezer…


After some hours at -20° Celsius and half an hour at 50° C back in the oven – still no signs of fatigue. Nothing has moved. I’m quite confident that the instrument would survive a trip to Mombasa in the baggage bay of a 747.

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