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Building the videobass amplifier
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Over the past few weeks – besides building the videobass prototype and starting to produce in series the parts that are clear – work has begun on the videobass “amplifier”. Unlike the videobass, where I only have to perfect things I didn’t like in the last version, this is a thing I build from scratch. It was only in my head (for some years now).

The idea his to have one piece of equipment with all that is needed to play the videobass: the computer with the videobass software, the monitor an foot pedals – all in a rugged case ready for rough stage environments.

Bring the amplifier, plug it in, power up and boogie…

There have to be connections for

  • Video Out: VGA, Composite and S-Video
  • A USB jack for the videobass
  • Another USB for a webcam or an external hard drive or a keyboard and mouse (even though you shouldn’t need a keyboard or mouse on stage)
  • A firewire port for my beloved iSight
  • An ethernet jack for sending the steram over a network
  • Foot pedal and foot switches

Even tough they are quite pricey, I decided to go with Neutrik data connectors – all these delicate computer ports are just not made for use on the stage and I’ve seen too many USB connectors break and too many RJ45 without their plastic clips

As usual, my head can imagine things only so far, and at some moment I have to build them to see all the things I didn’t think about beforehand. So here we go, some pictures from the process

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