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Testing the Videobass Amplifier
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Normally I was supposed to bring two of the videbasses to Paris this weekend – but I had to postpone it. Still not completely finished and to make things worse, I destroyed two of the screens by drilling through the led backlight cables. Stupid impatient me…

So, while waiting for the replacement cables shipped by Mouser, I’m working on the software and doing some further testing of the videobasses and the amplifiers. And that’s maybe a good thing, because I already managed to brick two Atmega16 on the vamp board. Still don’t have a clue why and how this happened. But I also found some bad solder joints and I’m really glad to spend some more time with the machines before shipping.


One of my fears was to overheat the MacMinis because they are enclosed in foam. Of cause I left room for the exhaust on the rear of the MacMinis and there are holes in the foam for cold air to get sucked back in. I also paid attention to not building a short circuit for the hot air to get sucked in again. But still – is there enough airflow to cool the machines sufficiently?

Some tests with Temperature monitor show that there is no need to worry:

After two hours of running the videobass (with the MacMini covered inside the case), I quit the application. Notice the immediate drop in temperature in the graph below:

I restarted the videobass application, playing four movies at full throttle. Temperature raises again immediately.

Two minutes later I put a fan on top of one of the air ducts to increase airflow. Nothing happens.

I then removed the foam completely, see how the ambient temperature drops by half a degree in last third of the graph… There’s not even a change in the speed of the Mini’s fan which blows the whole time at almost inaudible levels. So I think airflow is not really an issue and it should be safe to operate the videobass in hot clubbing environments (it’s 24 degrees Celsius in my workshop at the moment…)

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