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Version 2 of the scale-bias module has come out as a really nice image-thrasher…

I’ve made some conceptual errors, but I really like the results:

So what’s wrong with this?

I decided to go for an inverting configuration for the amplifier to be able to have gain smaller than 1 (could be useful for modifying control voltages), but honestly, with R10 at 4k7 and the scale potentiometer at 100k, the range for small gains is really tiny. For video I find the high gain really interesting, though, so I’ll leave it that way for the moment.

One problem with the inverting input is that now the bias affects the signal in the wrong way so turning the bias-pot is counter intuitive – I’ll just have to wire it the other way round. But the clipper clips the wrong way too, I’ll have to look into this. Not sure if there’s any use for a clipper in here, anyway.

The cool thing about it is the possibility to get an inverted signal at the Pre-Clip output. It looks nicer than the image of the SK08-Inverter

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