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Sharing circuit schematics online
Categories: Eagle, Hardware hacking

I just stumbled over an interesting project on the Make blog: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2011/07/circuitbee-sharing-electronic-schematics-on-your-blog.html

From the article: “CircuitBee is like YouTube for your circuit schematics. You upload your Eagle or Kicad schematics, we crunch the numbers and create an online embeddable version of your schematic.”

Sure I had to try this out. The site is still very alpha and has got some rough edges. It accepts KiCad files natively. Unfortunately for me, Eagle files have to be converted first to KiCad format. Circuitbee provides a ULP script that does it for you, but this adds some extra steps – especially because you have not only to upload the schematic file but also the part library (that gets created from the script as well) – so for a quickie it still much simpler for me to make a screen shot out of eagle and upload the .png …

Or printing a PDF…

But I like the idea. Here’s a first try with the synkie sk16-6channel mixer (beware: the LM833 is much too slow for this, better use MAX4392ESA)


As you can see, there are still some issues with som symbols, especially multi-gate circuits. The VCA symbols on the left should not be there, it’s only the supply for the dual vcas on the right… here’s a partitial screenshot of how it looks in Eagle:


Still, definitely a project to keep an eye on….

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