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First impressions
Categories: Hardware hacking, Synkie

The first 2 modules seem to work quite well now. It helped to put 75Ohm resistors in parallel at the outputs of the MAX457 op-amp, to stop it from oscillating. Maybe we should also put a resistor in series as Max has seen on the datasheet? 😉

Anyway, the picture quality seems better that expected and we’re really pleased.

synkie modules 01+02

The first synkie modules

synkie modules

Sync-Separator and Re-Syncer


Closeup of the sync separator module

These are the only modules we’ve built this far, so the only thing we can do is connect them and measure the quality of the output picture. But we’re getting really excited and can’t help to just try to put some stuff in the signal path. Here’s the results with

Zener diode

zener diode

A zener diode between sk01 and sk02



Trying a coil


The effects of a coil on the same picture

Hardware hacking

Flo trying some hardware hacking

Flo trying some hardware hacking

harware hacking

Just sending the signal through some circuit lying around

hardware hacking

with interesting results

To do:

We need a back porch clamp at the input of the sk01 sync separator.

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