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Home Made Jib Crane
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This weekend, while Pije started to work on our home made CNC machine (more on this later…) I quickly built a poor mans jib crane out of some scrap metal, wood and bearings I had lying around.

Here’s a small video by Mohammed of the almost finished crane.

It’s amazingly stable and smooth.

I might cut the two beams some day and add extenders, so it gets smaller to transport and it would be expandable (or for some shots it could even be much shorter). And rollers for the tripod. And a remote controlled head.

But my earlier crane projects always failed because i first wanted to build a motorized pan/tilt head. Now I found that on a lot of occasions that is not really necessary, because you can easily guide the jib from the front directly on the camera head. You cannot go very high, but the jib gives a lot of stabilization and permits a lot of smooth camera movements in the range I would do by hand anyway.

I’ll eventually build a pan/tilt head – but this time not using motors.
I find it almost impossible to build something motor controlled that has the smoothness, speed, accuracy and enough resolution to simulate a directly hand controlled camera head.
The idea is to go for a head that is coupled directly to another one at the end of the jib by simple bicycle gear cables. Stay tuned…

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