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This is still work in progress (in the same way as the whole gnusb rewrite to make it compatible with the Arduio IDE) but I’d like to share the first impressions of my new Baby-Gnusbuino, a somewhat Arduino compatible thingie based on the ATTINY85.
It has a self-etched USB connector and a boot loader based on V-USB and the USBaspLoader-tiny85 as a bootloader.

Really bare-bones, no protection, no FTDI chip, single-sided PCB, no holes. The only parts needed are:
– 1 Atmel Attiny85 microprocessor
– 2 resistors 68 Ohms
– 2 zeners 3.3V
– 1 resistor 1k6
– 1 capacitor 100n


Source code, schematics (and progress) here:

Project description, documentation and all the rest on the SGMK-Wiki: 



Unfortunately, the current ATTINY85 bootloader does not like the speed at which it gets its data from avrdude, so the Arduino IDE does not work out of the box to program the Babygnusbuino.
You’ll have to compile a slower version of avrdude and replace the one that comes with Arduino (inside the Arduino Application).

(from my read me file:)

– download avrdude source code here (I was using 5.11):

– replace the file usbasp.c with the one in variants/attiny85/avrdude patch
– compile avrdude:

– replace the file /Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/tools/avr/bin/avrdude
with the newly compiled one

see also https://github.com/embedded-creations/USBaspLoader-tiny85/issues/1

Flashing the boot loader using another gnusb

SO8 programming adapter for the gnusb-prog


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