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It’s been a long time I wished to document the building of the control voltage footpedals I use together with the gnusb and the videobass. The basic idea was to build an expression pedal that outputs a voltage according to it’s angular position. I wanted it  to stay in position when not used, so there […]

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Update: ATTENTION The cable pairs in CAT6 cable are not wired this way !!!! This circuit works for small distances but on longer runs channel 2 talks into channel 3 and vice versa. Didn’t redo my boards, did just cut and rewire wrong traces. Cable pairs are (1,2) / (3,6) / (4,5) / (7,8) This […]

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Thank’s a lot to Mohammed, who, with great patience, filmed the whole process of building the latest Videobass. Many many hours of sanding have been edited out of this video. Check it out:


I was thinking about this one since doing this exhibition for the ethnographic museum in Zurich: Why not just rip out the colorwheel of a DLP projector to make it black and white? Should be easy and should work, no? It works, and I could stab myself 100times – why didn’t I have the courage […]

by Willem Van Weeghel Dead simple yet utterly complex. Eight “clocks”, each of them with four hands of the same length. http://www.willemvanweeghel.nl/en/

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Here we go: For the pan/tilt head I welded together two L-shapes, and connected them with bicycle gear wires to a slightly modified Manfrotto fluid tripod head (501). The best of both worlds: fluid movement, direct control but 2 meters away…   Sketchup-Model of the crane: crane.skp

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This weekend, while Pije started to work on our home made CNC machine (more on this later…) I quickly built a poor mans jib crane out of some scrap metal, wood and bearings I had lying around. Here’s a small video by Mohammed of the almost finished crane. It’s amazingly stable and smooth. I might […]

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How a gnusb can make another one. Upload the following firmware into the gnusb: gnusbAsp_AVR-Programmer.2008-05-22 1 2 gnubl make flash This turns the gnusb into a full fledged AVR programmer that can be used to reprogram any ATMEL AVR microcontroller through avrdude. The above firmware makes the gnusb behave like it’s a USBasp from fischl.de […]

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Until now, I’ve always used the handy packages over at http://www.ellert.se/PKGS/libusb-2009-09-10/ to install libusb on the mac. But the new MacMini comes with Lion, and surprise: the 10.6 installer does not work on 10.7. But the nice guys over at ellert.se include the sources with a build script that not only compiles libusb but also […]

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I just stumbled over an interesting project on the Make blog: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2011/07/circuitbee-sharing-electronic-schematics-on-your-blog.html From the article: “CircuitBee is like YouTube for your circuit schematics. You upload your Eagle or Kicad schematics, we crunch the numbers and create an online embeddable version of your schematic.” Sure I had to try this out. The site is still very […]

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I finally managed to get video from the videobass directly into Modul8., thanks to the Syphon Framework which allows applications to share textures on the graphics card. Last summer I had hacked together a quick try to stream into Angie’s VDMX through a Quartz Composer patch and it went quite easily, but Modul8 is a […]


Flo building a moog, Pije a SysEx controller for his Roland Juno 1, Claude his homebrew synth, me the Synkie step sequencer and Max a new version of the fingerpinger external… A good day.